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Our systems approach empowers long-term healthcare organizations to create a culture of compliance and reach their full potential.

The price long-term care organizations pay for noncompliance with Federal and State regulations goes beyond fines and penalties.

While compliance has its own costs, noncompliance is a losing game-plan for long-term care organizations. Organizations that place a high value on quality of care, improving performance and staying compliant demonstrate their commitment to ethical conduct to regulators, potential patients (and their families) and the general community. On the other hand, noncompliance can lead to a bad reputation and lost business.

The Long Term Care Institute (LTCI) has years of experience working in and with long-term care organizations of all kinds to help to improve their businesses through compliance program development, quality assurance and performance improvement and external monitoring.

Our systems approach to compliance gets at the underlying issues that lead to noncompliance and inefficiencies in operations.

Our customers are nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities (NFs/SNFs), assisted living faclilities, hospice centers, home health agencies and long-term acute-care hospitals (LTACs). Since 1999, our industry-leading consulting team has:

  • Worked in over 4,000 healthcare facilities
  • Served as an external quality monitor for 40 Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) between the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and large and small healthcare organizations
  • Conducted 1,145 external regulatory surveys–LTCI has worked with large and small skilled nursing facility chains and hospices on quality and compliance related activities

We use this unique blend of consulting experience, external quality monitoring experience and external regulatory survey experience to provide customized solutions for your organization’s unique needs around compliance program development.  With our deep industry knowledge and wide range of staff expertise, we drive success through:

  • Compliance program development, review and audits
  • QAPI program development and review
  • Development, implementation and review of internal quality monitoring and internal monitoring programs
  • Consulting and training on “systems” development and data use for root cause analysis and other quality and compliance related functions
  • Training programs to improve healthcare delivery and services, regulatory compliance, person-centered care/culture transformation and risk management

Please see the LTCI staff page for more information about LTCI’s interdisciplinary staff and experience.

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About LTCI

Long Term Care Institute, Inc. is a non-stock corporation focused on long term care quality and performance improvement, compliance program development, and review in long term care, hospice and other residential care settings.