LTCI has engaged in quality assurance/performance improvement consulting with long term care organizations, and this experience along with LTCI’s CIA external quality monitoring and external regulatory survey experience, provides a unique blend of expertise to help long term care facilities develop, implement and/or monitor their QAPI program.


  • LTCI has consulted with individual facilities and multi-facility organizations regarding development and implementation of new QAPI programs.  LTCI has also reviewed existing QAPI programs and provided guidance on improving outcomes and implementing changes to existing programs.
  • LTCI has completed 39 quality of care CIAs and continues as an external monitor assessing facility/center level as well as overall regional or national corporate QAPI systems.
  • LTCI has also performed over 750 external regulatory surveys applying the CMS survey process including appropriate quality assurance and performance improvement system reviews when quality of care deficiencies are identified during surveys.