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Our systems approach to compliance helps home health organizations reach their fullest potential in care delivery and business performance.

In life, the things that we know we should do and the things that we actually do sometimes don’t match. We may get by for a time but in the end, we usually end up paying a price for our negligence. A skilled nursing facility without an effective compliance program falls into this category. It’s risky business.

Yet, the very thought of creating a compliance program that really works can be overwhelming. That’s where the Long Term Care Institute comes in. Our experts have the knowledge, experience and passion to guide you through this process and empower your organization to reach its full potential.

There are several reasons why it’s important to develop a strong and effective compliance program. Here are just a few:

  • It’s the law. The Affordable Care Act requires skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to create effective compliance programs. It’s not good enough to simply create a program that doesn’t touch the everyday operation of your organization – it must actually be in effect.
  • It can help you unethical or illegal behavior in your organizations before it becomes a larger or more widespread problem.
  • It can help your organization shore up losses from inefficient practices, improve quality of care and boost your operations.
  • It is a factor that the government considers when imposing fines and penalties. If your organization can show that it has a compliance program in place, fines and penalties may be reduced significantly.

The Long Term Care Institute serves Home Health Organizations of all sizes and has several staff members who have worked within that environment.

Our services to home health organizations are as follows:

  • external regulatory monitoring
  • regulatory and life safety code surveys
  • quality assurance and performance improvement program development
  • compliance and regulatory program development.

We’ve designed all of the above services to maximize the benefit your hospice center receives. Contact us to set up an initial consultation to determine which of our services are right for your organization.

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