Since 1999 LTCI has been in over 3,500 healthcare facilities conducting quality and regulatory reviews, compliance reviews and training sessions. LTCI also conducts long term care research projects, and training for liability insurance companies.

With years of experience and dedicated staff see how LTCI can help your organization. Health Care Organizations LTCI and its staff have years of experience working in and with nursing facilities and skilled nursing facilities (NFs/SNFs), hospices, home health agencies, assisted living facilities and long term acute care hospitals (LTACs).  LTCI and its staff have been in over 3,500 healthcare facilities.  LTCI has been an external quality monitor for Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) between the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for 39 large and small healthcare organizations.  LTCI has also conducted over 750 external regulatory surveys.  LTCI has worked with large and small skilled nursing facility chains and hospices on quality and compliance related activities. LTCI and its staff are able to use this unique blend of consulting experience, external quality monitoring experience and external regulatory survey experience to help your organization. LTCI utilizes this experience and the wide range of staff expertise to drive success with:

  • Compliance program development and review, and compliance audits;
  • QAPI program development and review;
  • Development, implementation and review of internal quality monitoring and internal compliance monitoring programs;
  • Training and consulting on “systems” development and data use for QAPI and other quality and compliance related functions.  For more information on “systems” see the LTCI Approach; and
  • Training programs in QAPI, corporate compliance, healthcare compliance, regulatory compliance, culture change and transformation and risk management.

Please see the LTCI staff page for more information about LTCI’s interdisciplinary staff and experience. Governmental Agencies External Monitoring LTCI has been an external quality monitor for 39 quality of care Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) implemented by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services and individual state governments.  LTCI and its staff have monitored large national organizations, small regional organizations and individual health care facilities/centers.  LTCI and its staff understand the requirements of CIAs and the role of an external monitor.  LTCI’s dedicated staff has years of experience working as external monitors, a deep understanding of corporate compliance programs, and decades of experience in the delivery and management of care and external quality assurance. External Regulatory Surveys LTCI and its staff work with multiple government agencies conducting external regulatory surveys using the traditional and hybrid CMS survey processes.  LTCI and it staff have conducted over 750 external regulatory surveys and are experienced with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) survey processes including:

  • Nursing facilities and skilled nursing facilities (NFs/SNFs);
  • Home health agencies; and
  • Hospice providers.

LTCI and its staff are also experienced with the Joint Commission standards, life safety code (LSC), and the CMS Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) process. Many LTCI staff members previously worked as Federal or state surveyors. Liability Insurance Companies LTCI understands the ongoing changes in the long-term care industry, including the increased complexity in care needs of residents/patients. We help manage these ever changing risks through:

  • External consultation (e.g., data review and onsite observations);
  • Internal consultation (e.g., data review and analysis); and
  • Training for underwriting, loss control and legal staff.

LTCI has provided training sessions on data use and onsite inspection techniques to inform underwriting and loss control decisions for several liability insurers.  LTCI also was the technical consultant for AM Best for its Best Underwriting Guides (BUG) for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living. Research and Evaluation Organizations LTCI and its staff members have decades of experience working on healthcare and specifically long term care related research projects.  LTCI staff has worked on a number of national research projects including:

  • Design and evaluation of the current or “traditional” long-term care survey process;
  • Design and testing of the Quality Indicator Survey process (QIS);
  • The CMS initiative to reduce avoidable hospitalizations among nursing facility residents; and
  • Development, testing and implementation of the original Quality Indicators (QIs) the precursors of the current Quality Measures (QMs) for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


We help long-term healthcare organizations improve patient care through compliance program development.

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