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The Long Term Care Institute provides comprehensive solutions for assisted living facilities and nursing homes that improve quality of care, enhance business peformance and prevent costly government fines and penalties.

Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Homes provide an important function for families across the United States: caring for their elderly loved ones.

Yet most people don’t understand the daunting set of laws and regulations – intended to ensure high quality of care and honest business practices – that administrators at such facilities face on a daily basis.

The Long Term Care Institute does understand those laws and what they mean for assisted living facilities and nursing homes. We also understand how to help organizations alleviate those problems by developing customized compliance programs that harmonize business operations with quality of care.

With a large, highly-experienced and multi-disciplinary staff, LTCI serves the needs of assisted living centers and nursing homes of all sizes including chains. We serve these organizations through:

  • external regulatory monitoring
  • regulatory and life safety code surveys
  • quality assurance and performance improvement program development
  • compliance and regulatory program development.

We’ve designed all of the above services to maximize the benefit your company receives. Yet, without a strong and effective compliance program, it’s likely that the same problems will continue to arise. That’s why we’re passionate about making compliance a part of the way you do business. There are several reasons why it’s important to develop a strong and effective compliance program. Here are just a few:

  • It’s the law. The Affordable Care Act requires assisted living facilities and nursing homes to create effective compliance programs. It’s not good enough to simply create a program that doesn’t touch the everyday operation of your organization – it must actually be in effect.
  • It can help you unethical or illegal behavior in your organizations before it becomes a larger or more widespread problem.
  • It can help your organization shore up losses from inefficient practices, improve quality of care and boost your operations.
  • It is a factor that the government considers when imposing fines and penalties. If your organization can show that it has a compliance program in place, fines and penalties may be reduced significantly.

The Long Term Care Institute works with Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes of all sizes. With several staff members who have worked within these environments, we are uniquely positioned to understand the many factors facing you and your staff on a daily basis and to develop solutions that work.

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